Area Vodpočívárna

The sport-, leisure time- and entertaining area of „Vodpočívárna“ is open base on weather conditions – should there be too much rain, strong wind or should the temperature decrease too much, the area of „Vodpocivarna“ is closed. The entrance is for free.

The information about opening hours are available both on the phone no.: 00420 605 03 03 33 and on the web-site We reserve the right to change the opening hours of „Vodpočívárna“ and will certainly inform you about it (due to bad weather, for operational reasons etc.).  In case of special tailor-made events four our clients, the opening hours can be flexibely adjusted base on Clients´ needs.

„Vodpočívárna“ is an entertaining, sport- and leisure time- outdoor area situated in a quiet bay of the Vltava river, where you can sit, talk and have fun with your friends, have refreshments or take on with sport activities. You can relax here, gain new energy (or release the existing one) within various sport- and leisure time- activities that are a part of our wide range of services we offer for our guests and clients.  

For those who dont like sports or physical relax, we can offer some refreshments such as cold and hot soft and alcoholic drinks as well as specialties and delicacies from our great outdoor cuisine. 

All ages groups will find here what they are looking for to get their money worth. Especially the younger ones could welcome the trampolines and our workout sports-ground. The youngest ones can freely play in our sand-pit situated near the refreshments space so that they can be easily watched by their parents.

We also offer for both individuals and couples the possibility to lend a motor-boat (of various engine power) and enjoy then a beautiful ride on the Vltava river. You neednt be an owner of a skipper service card (not required).   

Length: 365cm
Width: 157cm
Weigth: 140kg


Our rental also offers the option to rent the electric scooters for your trips to the beautiful neighbouring area of „Vodpočívárna“ (incl. the option of their long-term rent for a favourable price).   

Should you be interested in renting our electric scooter or motor-boat, you can click here.



A part of our rental offer is also the option to hire or lend our special jumping shoes. Thanks to the Poweriser® jumping shoes, you can jump up to 2 meters high (or eventually make 3-meters footsteps), you can even run with a speed of about 40 km per hour. This specific sport equipment meets all needs even of the most demanding clients, but can also be used (thanks to its easy use) by the beginners, condition runners or small children. Their construction consisting of laminate and alluminium, with a futuristic design and a unique look will not only attract the attention of your friends and bystanders, but first of all, the Poweriser® jumping shoes can become a never ending source of a non-traditional entertaining.  






Should you have any questions regarding our leisure time.area of „Vodpočívárna“, just do not hesitate  to contact us on the following email: or visit our web-sites.


The area of „VODPOČÍVÁRNA“ is a unique entertaining, sport- and leisure time area in a quiet bay of the Vltava river (situated in Prague district Hodkovičky). Its an ideal place for your relax, active recreation, its a place where you can refresh yourself (outdoor kitchen, hot and cold soft and alcoholic drinks) or enjoy sport- and communal- activities of various kind.

Opening hours

  • MO
    12:00 to 21:00
  • TU
    12:00 to 21:00
  • WE
    12:00 to 21:00
  • TH
    12:00 to 21:00
  • FR
    12:00 to 22:00
  • SA
    10:00 to 22:00
  • SU
    10:00 to 21:00

Change of opening hours is reserved, according to the weather

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