Services in Vodpočívárna


Overview of services that we offer includes (as follows):

  • Childrens´ corner for our youngest visitors (the parents can easily watch them here)
  • Workout sports-ground for all of them who just have a bit more adrenaline in their blood
  • Rental of electric scooters and motor-boats for all those who love non-traditional sport activities
  • Rental of jumping shoes for the braver ones
  • Refreshments incl. cold and hot soft and alcoholic drinks as well as specialties and delicacies from our great outdoor cuisine.  
  • An easy access for passangers, bikers and skaters to the area of „Vodpočívárna“ gives another reason why to visit us
  • Trampolines for sport enthusiasts
  • Swimming baths for all those who want to relax and cool down a bit in the hot summer


We can prepare for you any tailor-made event such as:

  • Catering of various kind (smoke house - meat and cheese, grill etc.) with closing the whole area of „Vodpočívárna“ for the public on the day when your event is held
  • Social night events (on various occasions)
  • Birthday celebrations of family relatives, your boss, partner…
  • Wedding for all of you who prefer a romantic quiet place of a Vltava bay to a wedding in a common object  
  • Various events for schools and kindergartens – the pupils certainly appreciate the option of taking a free run in the area of „Vodpočívárna“, sport activities or learning something new (base on the character of the event held) 
  • Firm events, seminar meetings, conferences – we are able to prepare the events on serious topics as well – no problem for us to ensure all technical equipments incl. projection of pictures, visualisation, practical demonstration etc.  
  • Team-building activities for the firms who want (for once) to leave the standard area of aulas, halls and schooling centres and use for this purpose (to make a change for once) a natural area of „Vodpočívárna“
  • Various presentations
  • Cultural events for all those who prefer a unique natural environment of the Vltava river bay to overcrowded halls and aulas
  • Cultural and educational events of various kind
  • Fashion-shows for fashion designers and fashion productions who want to benefit from obvious advantages of a natural area near the Vltava river over an overcrowded fashion show hall
  • Various exhibitions situated in the natural area of „Vodpočívárna“ (as a non-traditional alternation to exhibitions held in a house)
  • Music- or gastronomy- festivals and various other genre-events



The area of „VODPOČÍVÁRNA“ is a unique entertaining, sport- and leisure time area in a quiet bay of the Vltava river (situated in Prague district Hodkovičky). Its an ideal place for your relax, active recreation, its a place where you can refresh yourself (outdoor kitchen, hot and cold soft and alcoholic drinks) or enjoy sport- and communal- activities of various kind.

Opening hours

  • MO
  • TU
  • WE
  • TH
  • FR
    12:00 to 20:00
  • SA
    10:00 to 20:00
  • SU
    10:00 to 20:00

Change of opening hours is reserved, according to the weather

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